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Submitted by Maria Sekatskaya (University of Duesseldorf).   Workshop: Compatibilist Libertarianism: Advantages and Challenges (October 29, 2021) Idea & Motivation: Compatibilist libertarianism provides a metaphysical foundation for reconciling actualist free will with physical determinism by driving an ontological wedge between different layers of reality (List 2014, 2019). According to compatibilist libertarianism, free will can exist […]

Submitted by David Hommen (University of Trier).   CfR: Workshop “Metaphysics as Modelling. Contemporary and Kantian Issues” October 7-8, 2021 Trier University, Germany & online This workshop takes place as a hybrid in-person/online event. Further instructions and access information will be sent to registered participants. SPEAKERS: Katherine Brading Kristina Engelhard Brigitte Falkenburg David Hommen Siegfried […]

Submitted by Marco Tamborini (TU Darmstadt).   CfP: Robots and Living Organisms: New Historical and Philosophical Perspectives (Studies in History and Philosophy of Science)     GUEST EDITORS   * Dr. Marco Tamborini Technische Universität Darmstadt Department of Philosophy Karolinenplatz 5, 64289 Darmstadt Germany   * Dr. Edoardo Datteri University of Milano-Bicocca Department of […]

Submitted by Benjamin Wilck (HU Berlin).   Conference announcement 2nd European Society for the History of Science (ESHS) Early Career Scholars Conference in the theme ‘Science and its Enemies: Exploring Conflicts and Alliances in the History of Science’ (20-22 September 2021 via Zoom) Keynote speakers: Theodore Arabatzis (University of Athens): “History of Science in the […]

Submitted by Anne Patzelt (TU Dresden).   Das von der The Schaufler Foundation und der Technischen Universität Dresden kofinanzierte Schaufler Lab@TU Dresden bietet im Rahmen des Graduiertenkollegs Schaufler Kolleg@TU Dresden zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt ein Promotionsstipendium mit dem Schwerpunkt Philosophie zum Thema: „Künstliche Intelligenz als Faktor und Folge gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Wandels“ für den Zeitraum von […]

Submitted by Jan Baedke (RUB).   Call for Applications 1 x 1,0 Post-Doctoral Researcher The Institute of Philosophy I at the Ruhr University Bochum seeks applications for a post-doctoral research position. It will be part of the Emmy Noether-research group ROTO (“The Return of the Organism in the Biosciences: Theoretical, Historical, and Social Dimensions”, PI Prof. […]

Submitted by Tobias Schönwitz (VolkswagenStiftung).   Thematic Week: Ethics of Science. Current Challenges, Opportunities and Limitations   Objective Science and research are of central importance for modern societies – a fact which became highly visible in the last year and a half of the Corona pandemic, in which scientists have featured prominently in many societal […]

Submitted by Christian J. Feldbacher-Escamilla (University of Cologne).   Call for Registrations WORKSHOP on “New Work on Induction and Abduction” DFG-funded research group Inductive Metaphysics   DATE & ACCESS September 29-30, 2021. This is an online-event (Zoom). Further instructions and access information will be sent to registered participants one week ahead of the event. […]