Master in Statistics, Data Intelligence, and the Foundations of the Sciences – Application Open

The Center for Philosophy, Science, and Policy (CPSP) at the Marche Polytechnic University invites applications for the Master in “Statistics, Data Intelligence, and the Foundations of the Sciences”.

The Master aims to fill a gap in the Data Science and STEM fields by integrating theoretical tools and empirical methods for an educated approach to data analysis, scientific experimentation, use of simulation tools in scientific inference and forecasting, as well as evaluation of evidence for policy purposes. The uniqueness of the Master’s training offer is linked to three aspects:

1. The integration of courses on advanced data analysis and inferential techniques (machine learning, deep learning, AI), as well as tutorials on some of the most widespread data processing tools (Python, STATA, R, Matlab), with courses dedicated to the foundations of the scientific method, epistemology, and philosophy of science. A particular focus is directed towards the theoretical foundations of the scientific methods.

2. Emphasis on the distinction between pure “truth-conducive” aims and strategic goals at play in scientific practice. Formal analysis of strategic interactions in the scientific ecosystem as well as political and economic analysis of science in society. Identification of the various scientific sub-systems (scientific, governmental, socio-economic institutions and society at large) and their joint work within broader socio-economic structures.

3. Policy-making and the role of scientific evidence in decision-making, both personal and collective, with particular attention to the debate on the so-called “Evidence-based policy” and the related political and civil implications.

The Master is aimed at students and scholars from both the human sciences and STEM disciplines, but also at professionals who want to enrich their skills in the field of data analysis, science epistemology, and evidence-based policy. 

The master is fully in English and takes one year to complete, particularly from September 2024 to June 2025. The application is now open and possible till June 27, 2024. The program is available at:

For inquiries about and assistance in the application procedure and other details please contact: