Submitted by Christian J. Feldbacher-Escamilla (University of Cologne).   CFP & EXTENDED DEADLINE (Salzburg, extended deadline: May 15, 2021) Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy: SOPhiA 2021 September 9 – 11, 2021 Department of Philosophy (Humanities), University of Salzburg, Austria Aim: SOPhiA 2021 provides an opportunity for students and doctoral candidates in philosophy to take […]

Submitted by Hajo Greif (Warsaw University).   The Department of Philosophy and Ethics in Administration at Warsaw University of Technology offers a three-year, full-time, research-only post-doctoral position in History and Philosophy of Science, broadly conceived. The applicant’s specialisation and research interests will be congenial to the topic of the research project “Turing, Ashby, and ‘the […]

Submitted by Jürgen Landes (MCMP, LMU Munich).   ********************************************* The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy invites registration for the following event: Philosophy and Methodology of Medicine Online at the MCMP, LMU Munich June 1-3, 2021 ********************************************* The claims of medicine have been supported by a wide variety of different methods, ranging from randomized controlled […]

Submitted by Nicole Gerstner (TU Darmstadt).   Im Fachbereich Gesellschafts- und Geschichtswissenschaften ist am Institut für Philosophie zum 1. Oktober 2022 eine Universitätsprofessur (W2) für „Wissenschafts- und Technikphilosophie“ zu besetzen. Die_Der Stelleninhaber_in soll das Gebiet der Wissenschafts- und Technikphilosophie in seiner ganzen Breite in Forschung und Lehre vertreten. Erwartet werden entsprechende Arbeitsschwerpunkte in der zeitgenössischen […]

Submitted by Vera Hoffmann-Kolss (University of Bern).   Call for Applications Summer school on “Causation and Responsibility” with Sara Bernstein and Alex Kaiserman July 26-30, 2021 University of Bern Organizers: Vera Hoffmann-Kolss (University of Bern) Matthias Rolffs (University of Bern) Causation and responsibility seem to be closely related. Prima facie, agents can be held responsible […]

Submitted by Nele Röttger (Bielefeld University).   CfA: Two professorships Medical Humanities Help us shape the new Medical School at Bielefeld University: interprofessional, future-oriented, diverse, and strong in research and teaching Bielefeld University stands for interdisciplinarity, high research and teaching quality, and the further development of gender-equitable university culture. A wide variety of disciplines, perspectives, […]

Submitted by Schaufler Lab (TU Dresden).   Call for Abstracts Artificial Intelligence as a Concept in the Humanities and Social Sciences December 1-3, 2021 // Interdisciplinary Conference at TU Dresden, Germany Current debates on artificial intelligence (AI) in the humanities and social sciences seem to be concerned primarily with the effects of the application of […]

Submitted by Hajo Greif (Warsaw University of Technology).   Lecture series “Thinking Machines: History, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence” Call for participation The international and interdisciplinary online lecture series “Thinking Machines: History, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence” in Summer Term 2021 will feature prominent historians, philosophers and social students of AI. Speakers include: […]

Submitted by Benjamin Wilck (Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin)   Call for Abstracts 2nd European Society for the History of Science Early Career Scholars Conference 20-22 September 2021 in Athens, Greece We invite submissions for individual papers addressing the main topic of the conference: Science and its Enemies: Exploring Conflicts and Alliances in the History of Science. […]

Submitted by Maria Kronfeldner (CEU).   This is to kindly invite you to the Official CEU Online Book Launch of The Routledge Handbook of Dehumanization on Mar 23, 5:30-7:00 pm (CET, Vienna time). The Routledge Handbook of Dehumanization is the outcome of a unique collaboration of more than 30 authors from various disciplines, including history, […]

Submitted by Leonie Wiemeyer (Leibniz Universität Hannover / Universität Bielefeld).   Call for Applications (CfA) CfA: 5 Doctoral Candidates (all genders) in Ethics of Science and/or Philosophy of Science, Hannover/Bielefeld Einreichfrist/Deadline: 06.05.2021 Leibniz University Hannover and Bielefeld University (Germany) invite applications for the position of 5 Doctoral Candidates (all genders; salary scale E13 TV-L, 65%) […]

Submitted by Uljana Feest (Leibniz University Hannover).   WORKSHOP Bias and Discrimination in Algorithmic Decision-Making Issues in Explainable AI #3 October 8/9, 2021, Hannover, Germany Keynote Speakers: Emily Sullivan (TU Eindhoven) Christian Heinze (U Heidelberg) Markus Langer (U Saarland) Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (U Aarhus) CALL FOR PAPERS Algorithmic predictions are increasingly used to inform, guide, justify […]

Submitted by Sebastian Schuol (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg).   New Conference Date: July 22-23, 2021 Center for Applied Philosophy of Science and Key Qualifications (ZiWiS), Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) Due to the postponement of the Conference “Public Research and Private Knowledge – Science in Times of Diverse Research Funding” we are able to accept a number of further […]

Submitted by Simon Lohse (University of Lübeck).   Die Universität zu Lübeck ist eine moderne Schwerpunktuniversität mit den Fächern Medizin und Gesundheitswissenschaften, Informatik, Molekularbiologie, Mathematik in Medizin und Lebenswissenschaften sowie medizinische Ingenieurwissenschaft. International renommierte Forschung und die hohe Qualität der akademischen Lehre kennzeichnen das Profil unserer Universität. Am Institut für Medizingeschichte und Wissenschaftsforschung (IMGWF) ist […]

Submitted by Jan Baedke (Ruhr University Bochum).   Postgenomic Determinisms: Environmental Narratives after the Century of the Gene (Online workshop, Ruhr University Bochum, March 25–26, 2021) This online workshop focuses on new postgenomic trends towards environmental determinism. It aims to address the conceptual foundations and theoretical presumptions of different forms of strong causal influences on […]