Workshop 1: March 8-10 2023
Workshop 2: July 13-14 2023
Bielefeld University, Germany

The workshop series inquires how science transforms society by looking at how regional climate models are translated into knowledge that can beused to adapt forests, cities, and rivers to the climate crisis. While philosophers have analyzed the trustworthiness of and uncertainty in regional climate models within science, sociologists of science have focused both on the co-production and the usability of such models at the interfaces between science, politics, and society. The workshop series aims to integrate these perspectives and foster an inter- and transdisciplinary dialogue by bringing together experts from climate science, policy planning, philosophy and sociology of science, and users of climate knowledge from forestry, urban planning and water management.

Aims and format

The goal is to provide doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in philosophy or sociology of science with the status quo in debates about downscaling climate models, usefulness and trustworthiness of climate science, co-production of climate knowledge, interdisciplinary collaborations and transdisciplinary approaches to climate mitigation and adaptation. Participants will improve their skills to analyze case studies, exchange ideas across disciplinary boundaries, and connect to knowledge translators and knowledge users in forestry, urban planning and water management.

The workshops use five formats

  • Presentations from experts with Q&A periods
  • Hands-on sessions about practical aspects (e.g. how to read maps for forest adaptation)
  • Methodological reflection on integrating philosophy and sociology of climate science
  • Group work in the form of knowledge cafés
  • Interdisciplinary panel discussions comparing city, forest and river case studies
  • Lecturers (selection): Silke Beck (Sociology, Munich), Corey Dethier (Philosophy, Hannover), Liam Heaphy (STS, Dublin), Björn Maronga (Metrology, Hannover), Silja Klepp (Ethnography & Marine Science, Kiel), Marina Baldissera Pachetti (Philosophy & Social Science, Leeds), Philip Lorenz (Deutscher Wetterdienst, Potsdam)

How to apply
Successful applicants will receive reimbursement of their travel and accommodation to participate in both workshops (max. 500€ per person).

Applicants must

  • Pursue a doctoral or postdoctoral research project in Germany (in
    exceptional circumstances, acceptance of participants not based in
    Germany is possible)
  • Research project is based in, or has clear links to philosophy or
    sociology of climate research
  • Strong interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and
    transdisciplinary approaches to climate mitigation and adaptation

To apply, please send (i) motivation letter, (ii) CV and (iii) research project summary in a single pdf to Submission deadline is January 15 2023.