CfP: PROGIC 2023: Combining Probability & Logic, Utrecht (The Netherlands), August 30 – September 1, 2023

PROGIC 2023: Eleventh Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic

Utrecht University,
Utrecht, Netherlands, August 30 – September 1, 2023The special focus of  PROGIC2023 is Knowledge representation and reasoning.   Classically, logic and probability offer competing representations of partial or incomplete information, with the former assuming a qualitative perspective on uncertainty and the latter focusing on a quantitative account. Both provide their own policies for updating on new information, combining evidence from different sources, and acting under partial information.
We solicit submissions  that bridge these two perspectives. These could, for instance, apply probabilistic or other quantitative tools to the study of logical systems or use logical frameworks, classical or substructural, for understanding probabilistic approaches. They may also apply to specific sub-areas, such as game theory, network theory, causal modelling or machine learning. We especially invite submissions that combine probability and logic for knowledge representation and reasoning broadly construed.  
Invited Speakers * Didier Dubois (IRIT, France)* Joe Halpern (Cornell University)* Aybüke Özgün (University of Amsterdam)
* Jon Williamson (University of Kent) SubmissionsSubmissions should consist of a short abstract (~200 words) and an *extended abstract* (~1000 words, pdf format). The submission portal is at

Dates and Deadlines
* Submission deadline: *April 15, 2023*    
* Notification of acceptance: *May 15, 2023*
* Conference: * August 30 – September 1, 2023*Workshop Website (general information) (submission) Special IssueThere will also be a special issue of the Journal of Logic and Computation devoted to the themes of this workshop. After the conference, we invite submissions of papers to this volume. The SeriesThe *Eleventh Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic* (*PROGIC2023*) continues the Progic workshop series
<>.  Committees

Program Committee 
* Niki Pfeifer (Regensburg)
* Jan-Willem Romeijn (Groningen)
* Marta Sznajder (Muenchen)* Gregory Wheeler (Frankfurt)
* Jon Williamson (Kent)* Francesca Zaffora Blando (CMU Pittsburgh) * Dominik Klein (Utrecht)* Dragan Doder (Utrecht)
Organizing committee
* Dominik Klein (Utrecht University)* Dragan Doder (Utrecht University)
The conference will be held at Utrecht University, in the historic city center of Utrecht.

All questions should be emailed to Dragan Doder, and Dominik Klein, d.klein@uu.nlAcknowledgements: We acknowledge generous financial support by Utrecht University’s Focus Area of Human Centered AI (