CfR: WORKSHOP: Progress in Science and Society – with Philip Kitcher (Leibniz University Hannover, June 14, 2017)

Submitted by Markus Dressel (Leibniz University Hannover).

WORKSHOP: Progress in Science and Society (with Philip Kitcher)

June 14, 2017, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

The Research Training Group “Integrating Ethics and Epistemology of Scientific Research” hosts a one day workshop on the topic of progress in science and society at Leibniz University Hannover, Germany. The keynote speaker is Prof. Philip Kitcher (Columbia University). Philip Kitcher will also give a public evening lecture on Mon, June 12. Please visit the website for further information:

Everyone interested in the topic is welcome to participate in the workshop and the evening lecture. For the workshop, please register until Wednesday, June 8 by sending an email with your name and affiliation to


09.00-09.15  Torsten Wilholt (Hannover): Introduction

09.15-10.30  Philip Kitcher (New York): “Progress in the Sciences and in the Arts” (Keynote)

10.45-11.45  Marta Bertolaso (Rome): “What progress, if any, in cancer research?”

11.45-12.45  Vanessa Rampton (Zurich): “Progress in Science and Society: The Case of Medicine”

14.00-15.00  Manuela Fernández Pinto (Bogotá): “Pragmatic naturalism for commercially-driven science”

15.00-16.00  Parysa Mostajir (Chicago): “Progress as Universalist and Pluralist: A Hidden Conflict”

16.15-17.15  Jan-Willem Romeijn (Groningen) & Remco Heesen (Cambridge): “Epistemic diversity and Editor Decisions: a Statistical Matthew Effect”

The Research Training Group »Integrating Ethics and Epistemology of Scientific Research« (GRK 2073) is a joint project of the philosophy departments at Leibniz Universität Hannover and Universität Bielefeld, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The workshop is organized by Markus Dressel (Hannover), Saana Jukola (Bielefeld), Roel Visser (Bielefeld)