CfP: Perspectives on Scientific Error (Tilburg University, June 26-27, 2017)

Submitted by TiLPS.

Perspectives on Scientific Error
TiLPS, Tilburg University, NL
26-27 June 2017

Invited Speakers:
Edouard Machery, University of Pittsburgh
Barbara Osimani, LMU Munich
Daniel Lakens, Eindhoven University of Technology
Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, University of Amsterdam

This workshop brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers interested in issues of scientific error. Participants share their views on how scientific errors can be detected and corrected, how they influence scientific communities, and the perception of science as a whole.

The topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • replicability of research findings
  • statistical and social reforms to address error (e.g., Bayesian vs frequentist statistics, publication practices, incentive structures)
  • evidence aggregation, meta-analysis, and evidence hierarchies
  • error propagation and error correction
  • values in science, and their impact on scientific error
  • trust in science, science denial, etc.

Date and place: 26-27 June, Tilburg University, Dante Building

Noah van Dongen (Tilburg University, NL)
Felipe Romero(Tilburg University, NL)
Jan Sprenger (Tilburg University, NL)