CfR: New Work on Induction and Abduction (Online, September 29-30, 2021)

Submitted by Christian J. Feldbacher-Escamilla (University of Cologne).


Call for Registrations

WORKSHOP on “New Work on Induction and Abduction”

DFG-funded research group Inductive Metaphysics


September 29-30, 2021. This is an online-event (Zoom). Further instructions and access information will be sent to registered participants one week ahead of the event.



  • Atocha Aliseda Llera (Mexico City)
  • Alexandros Apostolidis (Athens)
  • Stephen Biggs (Iowa)
  • Elke Brendel (Bonn)
  • Adam Carter (Glasgow)
  • Igor Douven (Paris)
  • Christian J. Feldbacher-Escamilla (Cologne)
  • Ilkka Niiniluoto (Helsinki)
  • John Norton (Pittsburgh)
  • Stathis Psillos (Athens)
  • Oliver R. Scholz (Muenster)
  • Gerhard Schurz (Duesseldorf)
  • Ansgar Seide (Muenster)
  • Chrysovalantis Stergiou (Athens)
  • Paul Thorn (Duesseldorf)
  • Jessica Wilson (Toronto)


This workshop aims at bringing together scholars from the field of inductive and abductive reasoning. It will focus on discussing the following four recent monographs: Igor Douven’s “The theory and Practice of Abduction” (forthcoming), Ilkka Niiniluotto’s “Truth-Seeking by Abduction” (2018), John Norton’s “The Material Theory of Induction” (2021), and Gerhard Schurz’ “Hume’s Problem Solved” (2019). Each of these monographs will be discussed in form of a comprehensive comment as well as replies and reflections by the authors. The workshop will also host specialist talks from leading scholars in this field of research.


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Attending the workshop is free of charge.



  • Please register via the online registration form at our website:
  • The deadline for registrations is September 20, 2021.
  • Organisation: Christian J. Feldbacher-Escamilla (Cologne), Oliver R. Scholz (Muenster), Gerhard Schurz (Duesseldorf), Ansgar Seide (Muenster), and Maria Sekatskaya (Duesseldorf)
  • If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via
  • The workshop is supported by the DFG-funded research group Inductive Metaphysics: