CfP Topical Issue of Synthese: All Things Reichenbach (Deadline: November 15, 2020)

Submitted by Erik Curiel (MCMP, LMU Munich).


Topical Issue of Synthese Call for Papers: “All Things Reichenbach”

Guest Editors:
Erik Curiel
Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich
Black Hole Initiative, Harvard University

Flavia Padovani
English and Philosophy Department, Drexel University, Philadelphia

Topical Collection Description:

Hans Reichenbach is among the most important philosophers of science of the Twentieth Century and without doubt one of the most prominent philosophers of physics of the first half of the past century. His work has ramified in fundamental ways into virtually every major debate in the philosophy of science and physics. While Reichenbach’s philosophical project is no longer seen as viable as a whole, his work continues to be influential often in unnoticed but deep ways. Although many of his ideas still retain their interest and are discussed in current philosophy of science, he remains, in fact, one of the least understood and least carefully studied philosophical thinkers of his time. Because his own work has not been well understood, his influence is not widely recognized. The primary aim of this collection is to fill this gap by illuminating his contributions to advances in many fields in philosophy, and his legacy in the context of current philosophical research across the discipline as a whole. The theme of the collection, therefore, will be an investigation of his work both in its own context and in its continuing contemporary influence in current philosophy. This collection aims, moreover, at reviving the tradition of inter-disciplinary collaboration that was at the heart of Reichenbach’s vision for intellectual work, promoting the cross-pollination of ideas that discussion across traditional disciplinary boundaries can create and so exploring ways in which his insights can continue to be valuable in current scientific and formal approaches to philosophy. It is, in that spirit, a sequel to the conference “All Things Reichenbach” that took place at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (LMU Munich) in July 2019 (

Appropriate topics for submission include, among others:

1. geometry, space and relativity
2. the relativized a priori and conventionalism
3. coordination and measurement
4. causality and time
5. statistical mechanics and thermodynamics
6. realism, empiricism and scientific philosophy
7. reasoning, induction and confirmation
8. logic and probability

Any other topic related to Reichenbach is also welcome. As emphasized above, submitted papers can focus on Reichenbach’s own work in its historical context, on the influence of his work in contemporary debates, or on approaches to contemporary problems inspired by his work.

It is the aim of the editors that the selected papers will complement each other, both within each category and across categories.

The link for submitting your manuscript to Synthese, along with instructions for doing so, will be sent soon in a subsequent posting.

For further information, please contact the guest editors:
Erik Curiel
Flavia Padovani

The deadline for submissions is 15 November 2020.

Erik Curiel, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat, Munich, Germany
Flavia Padovani, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA