Submitted by Maria Kronfeldner (Central European University).


New Video Channel with ‘Conversations in Socially Engaged Philosophy’

Videos to-date are conversations between Heather Douglas, Maria Kronfeldner, Martin Kusch, Velislava Mitova, David Ludwig, Alexander Reutlinger, Guenther Sandner, on topics such as …
‘Science, Criticism, Scepticism’
‘Values in Science’
‘Why Philosophers Care about Dehumanization’
‘Another Science is Possible’
‘Why Relativism Does not Undermine Science’
‘Otto Neurath and Expertise in Democracy’
‘Epistemic Decolonization’
‘Exploring the Space of Scientific Freedom and Responsibility’

More to come …


A cooperation between philosophers from the CEU Vienna, the LMU Munich, and the U of Vienna.