MCMP Summer School for Widening Participation in Mathematical Philosophy, July 22-26, 2024

The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) is organizing the 
Summer School for Widening Participation in Mathematical Philosophy, 
which will take place from Monday 22 July to Friday 26 July, 2024 in 
Munich, Germany.  Following a series of eight successful MCMP-organized 
summer schools on mathematical philosophy for female students, the MCMP 
will this year broaden its offering, with a summer school for women and 
members of other groups that are under-represented in formal philosophy. 
These groups include under-represented gender identities, races and 
ethnicities, people with disabilities, people from low income and 
non-academic family backgrounds.

The school’s aim is to encourage students to engage with mathematical 
and scientific approaches to philosophical problems, and thereby help to 
redress the under-representation of women and other marginalized groups 
in formal philosophy. It offers the opportunity for study in an informal 
and interdisciplinary setting, for lively debate, and for the 
development of a network of students and professors interested in the 
application of formal methods to philosophy.

This edition of the summer school will feature lectures by:
Jingyi Wu (LSE): “Models of Diversity and Injustice”
Sara Uckelman (Durham University): “What History of Logic Can Teach Us 
About the Future of Logic”

In addition, there will be an evening lecture by Barbara Vetter (FU 
Berlin): “First-generation philosophers: why they matter, and how to 
support them”.

The summer school will also feature talks by members of the MCMP.

The organizing committee consists of Nicola Bonatti, Vanessa Carr, John 
Dougherty, Marta Ferreira Esteves, Levin Hornischer, Alessandra Marra, 
Francesco Nugnes, Hannah Pillin, Toby C.P. Solomon, Tom Sterkenburg, 
Zhouwanyue Yang.

A “Call for Application” will be distributed shortly.  For more 
information about the program, please consult the summer school website 
at <>. If you have any 
further questions about the summer school, please contact the organizing 
committee at