CfR: Thoughts on Interlinguistics and Logic, January 12, 2024
The event will take place via Zoom on 
Friday January 12, 2024

Interlinguistics, the discipline focused on international auxiliary languages, shares a compelling connection with modern logic, a connection that may be traced back to the pioneering work of Leibniz, considered by many as the forefather of modern logic, but who also worked on intercultural exchange and had also plans for a spoken artificial language. But in any case it is historically clear that several notable logicians were also interlinguists, exemplified by figures like Peano and Carnap. Their work demonstrated a unique intersection of these fields, blending the precision and clarity required in logical systems with the universality and accessibility aimed for in interlinguistic endeavours.

Peano, for instance, contributed significantly to the development of formal logical notation, while also engaging in the creation of an international auxiliary language, Latino sine Flexione, which was a simplified form of Latin. Similarly, Carnap, a key figure in the Vienna Circle, explored the logical analysis of language and was an Esperantist.

Considering these historical intersections, there should be more discourse about the relevance and potential benefits of revisiting this old connection. This exploration invites historians, logicians, and interlinguists to delve into how the principles of logic can inform the development of auxiliary languages, and conversely, how the goals of interlinguistics can influence the study and application of logic. This interdisciplinary dialogue promises to enrich both fields, offering new insights into the structure and function of language in logical reasoning and international communication.

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== Speakers:
Başak Aray (Université Paris 1, PhD)
Marcos Cramer (TU Dresden)
Federico Gobbo (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Christian Siefkes (Independent scholar, creator of Lugamun)

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Mail: mira.sarikaya (at) / or Deniz.Sarikaya (at)

== Organizers:
Deniz Sarikaya (CLPS, Vrije Univeriteit Brussel) & Mira Sarikaya (Universität Hamburg)

This event is part of the World Logic Day 2024. The Event is hosted by the Gesellschaft für Interlinguistik e.V.