CfR: 10th Quarterly Lecture on Philosophy of Science – Michela Massimi: Perspectival Realism. An introduction, 10 June 2024Deadline: 10 June 2024


We cordially invite all interested parties to the 9th Quarterly Lecture on Philosophy of Science, which will be given by Michela Massimi (University of Edinburgh) with a talk on “ Perspectival Realism. An introduction”.

Abstract: In this talk I give an overview of the philosophical view called Perspectival realism which I articulated in Massimi (2022, OUP). I present the epistemological approach to science that underpins the view with the question of how reliable scientific knowledge is produced. In the second part of the talk I elucidate the realist position that results from the epistemological project with a focus on a phenomena-first ontology.

All information, including the zoom link, will be posted here:

Students are especially welcome to participate.