CfA: Summer School “The Metaphysics of Time-Continuum” (September 2-4, 2019, Imperia, Italy; Application Deadline: March 31, 2019)

Submitted by Marcello Garibbo (University of Siegen).


Call for Participation — Summer School “The Metaphysics of Time-Continuum”


2 — 4 September 2019 / Imperia, Italy


The summer school “The Metaphysics of Time-Continuum” addresses the topic of temporal continuity by focusing on three key figures: Aristotle, Kant and Bergson. Their conception of the continuum will be studied in-depth and related to questions in the contemporary philosophy of time. 


Tom Crowther (University of Warwick) – Aristotle
Florian Fischer (University of Siegen) – Bergson
Cord Friebe (University of Siegen) – Kant
Marcello Garibbo (University of Siegen) – Kant
Magali Roques (University of Hamburg) – Aristotle
Giulio Piatti (University of Torino) – Bergson
Mark Sinclair (University of Rohampton) – Bergson


The summer school adjoins the conference „Time-Continuum “ (5-6 September 2019, Imperia, Italy). The conference “The Time-Continuum” focuses on the topic of temporal continuity from the perspective of contemporary philosophy of time. Conference’s contributions will investigate the consequences that different understandings of the continuum may have for issues such as the objectivity of tenses  (A- and B-Theories), the meaning of temporal existence (Eternalism, Presentism, etc.) and the question about the ontological status of processes (in distinction to events).


Conference Speakers
Silvia De Bianchi (Barcelona)
Tom Crowther (Warwick) 
Florian Fischer (Siegen)
Cord Friebe (Siegen)
Marcello Garibbo (Siegen)
Lukas Benedikt Kraus (Innsbruck)
Gregor Nickel (Siegen)
Francesco Orilia (Macerata)
Magali Roques (Hamburg)
Mark Sinclair (London)
Claudio Tarditi (Torino)
Giuliano Torrengo (Milan)


There is no participation fee for the summer school. A list of affordable hotels near the venue and more information on the summer school will be uploaded on the website:


There are only limited spots available. To apply please sent a letter of motivation (about 1 page) and a CV to and
Deadline: 31 March 2019.


Organisation: Cord Friebe (University of Siegen), Florian Fischer (University of Siegen) and Marcello Garibbo (University of Siegen)

The summer school and conference are co-organized by the Society for the Philosophy of Time (, the University of Siegen, the Goethe Institut in Genova, the Theatre Spazio Vuoto and the online journal Philosophy Kitchen (