CfA: Master’s Program RESET at the Munich Center for Technology in Society

Submitted by Andreas Albert, TU Munich.

Master’s program in Responsibility in Science, Engineering, and Technology (RESET) at the Munich Center for Technology in Society

The application is now possible until July 15, 2017.

The Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) of the TU Munich is launching its new Master’s program supported by the Elite Network Bavaria. The application will be possible soon. For more information visit:

Please forward this information to any students who might be interested in obtaining a Master’s in degree in RESET. RESET is a Master’s program taught exclusively in English.

RESET is a unique Master’s Program that puts questions of responsibility front and center in our thinking about science, technology, and innovation.

In an environment of increasing economic and political uncertainty, RESET takes serious challenges such as: How can we anticipate and govern the social, ethical, or environmental impacts of scientific and technological change? What is sustainable, reflexive, or democratic innovation? Which inter- or transdisciplinary forms of knowledge production enable responsibility? How do notions of responsibility differ across regulatory, cultural, and policy contexts? How should expert knowledge and technical possibilities shape democracies, markets, and societies? Conversely, how can we democratize expertise and technology development?

RESET will prepare students to work in a range of fields, including government, international organizations, innovative firms (both established companies and start-ups), NGOs, think tanks, research and higher education management, consulting, or to pursue a career in academia.

Supported by mentors, students will gain in-depth exposure to an area technical specialization in collaboration with science and engineering departments at TU Munich. The program draws its interdisciplinary strength and symmetry from a diverse student body – including backgrounds in science, engineering, social science, and the humanities – and specifically targets students with previous work or research experience.

Through its flexible program structure, the program further accommodates candidates seeking to combine graduate studies with part-time work, internships, or parallel studies/research in science and engineering.


  • The application platform for the new Master’s program is now open until July 15.
  • If you are interested in the program or have any questions, please send an email
  • More information is provided on our website: