CfA: Call for Nominations — EPSA Steering Committee (Deadline: March 1, 2019)

Submitted by EPSA.

Election of Officers

The EPSA is a thriving learned society that seeks to promote and advance the study of philosophy of science in Europe. To keep it thriving, it is important to have an active and committed Steering Committee. In June 2019, members of the EPSA will be asked to elect a new Vice-President, Treasurer, and three new regular members of the Steering Committee. The current President and four other Steering Committee members will remain in office in order to to provide continuity.

To prepare for the elections, we are seeking nominations for the various offices. EPSA members are invited to propose candidates for the roles of 
1. Vice-President
2. Treasurer*
3. Steering Committee Officer (3 open positions)
As the EPSA seeks to involve more women in philosophy of science, the nomination of female candidates is especially encouraged. For more information about how we are engaging with women and other under-represented groups in philosophy, visit our Women’s Caucus page.
* Please note: we require that the Treasurer be able to speak German (in order to liaise with the Austrian bank where the EPSA account is held).

Nomination Information

Nominations should be sent to the EPSA email address:
The deadline for nominations is 1 March 2019
Both nominators and nominees must be EPSA members. Join or renew membershipMembers of previous Steering Committees (but not of the present one) can run again if they wish.
The Nomination Committee will produce a list of three candidates for Vice-President, and up to eight candidates for other Steering Committee Officers including the Treasurer. The members of the Nomination Committee are Thomas Pradeu (chair)Uljana FeestCaterina MarchionniMax Kistler, and Claus Beisbart.