CfR: AI in Science: Foundations and Applications (LMU Munich, June 9-10, 2022)

Submitted by Stephan Hartmann (MCMP, LMU Munich).


The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy invites registrations for the following event:

“AI in Science: Foundations and Applications”

at LMU Munich
June 9-10, 2022
All details, including speakers, abstracts and the schedule can be found on the workshop website.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage these days, promising many new innovations that will make our lives easier. It is also significantly changing the way we do science, raising several fundamental and methodological questions, such as the role of bias, explainability, and the limits of empirical methods. Addressing these questions requires an interdisciplinary effort to which various sciences, from computer science to social science to philosophy, can contribute. This workshop brings together relevant researchers from Cambridge and LMU Munich to engage in the relevant discussions. It is part of the project “Decision Theory and the Future of AI”, funded by the Cambridge – LMU Strategic Partnership Initiative. The workshop is also part of the Research Focus Next Generation AI at LMU’s Center for Advanced Studies (CAS).

The conference will be held in person (no hybrid format). If you want to attend the workshop, please send an informal email with the subject “LMU-Cambridge Workshop” to that includes your first name and family name. The registration deadline is the 31st of May 2022.

Dates and Deadlines
Registration Deadline: 31 May 2022
Workshop: 9-10 June 2022

Special Evening Lecture by Huw Price
One day before the workshop (June 8), Huw Price will give a talk on “Time for Pragmatism“. The talk takes place at the main building at Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1 in room F007. Attending this talk does not require registration.

Timo Freiesleben (MCMP/LMU and GSN/LMU)
Stephan Hartmann (MCMP/LMU)
Huw Price (Cambridge/Bonn)
Tom Sterkenburg (MCMP/LMU)