Call for Registration: Workshop & academic retreat “Concepts for understanding brain organization”

June 10 2024

Ecolé Normale Supérieure Ulm, Paris, France


Dr. Philipp Haueis: Department of Philosophy, Bielefeld University Prof. Daniel Margulies, CNRS and Université Paris Cité

The workshop brings together leading neuroscientists and philosophers of science to discuss how concepts of brain organization guide and constrain experimental and theoretical research. It should be of interest to advanced students and researchers in neuroscience, cognitive science and philosophy interested in how the brain and comparable complex systems are organized, and how science best conceptualizes such systems.

Speakers: Russel Poldrack (Stanford) Daniel Burnston (New Orleans), David Colaço (Munich), Carl Craver (St. Louis), Alyia Dewey (Nürnberg), Lisa Feldman Barrett (Boston), Sarah Robins (Lafayette), Sofie Valk (Leipzig), Gaël Varoquaux (Paris)

Please register for the workshop via the following site: understanding-brain-organization

After the workshop, there will be an 2.5 day retreat academic retreat at Chateau du Feÿ in Burgundy (June 11-13), where speakers discuss the limits of current concepts of brain organization and how to overcome them by creating novel concepts. There are a few additional places available for outside participants for a fee of 500€ (includes 2 nights of accommodations, breakfast, lunch and dinners at the chateau, interactive program, outdoor activities and group discussions). Those who are interested should send an email to

Funding for this event is generously provided by Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), the European Research Council (Consolidator Grant CORTIGRAD), Bielefeld University

(Department of Philosophy), and the German Society for Philosophy of Science (GWP).