Call for Participation: 9th Quarterly Lecture on Philosophy of Science – Alastair Wilson: Four Grades of Modal Naturalism, 19 April 2024, Online

We cordially invite all interested parties to the 9th Quarterly Lecture on Philosophy of Science, which will be given by Alastair Wilson (University of Leeds) with a talk on “Four Grades of Modal Naturalism”.

Abstract: How, if at all, can scientific progress improve our view of the modal facts? According to rationalist approaches to modal epistemology, science has no substantive role: a priori reflection reveals the structure of modal space, and a posteriori science merely locates us within that modal space, by identifying the actual properties and structures instantiated at our world. According to modal naturalist approaches, science provides evidence about the structure of the underlying modal space. In this paper I distinguish four versions of modal naturalism, with science playing an increasingly robust evidential role, and discuss their plausibility.

All information, including the zoom link, will be posted here:

Students are especially welcome to participate.